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Many retail outlets stock a selection of gourmet dishes and other products from Kikunoi. The culmination of 1,200 years of culture and tradition from Japan’s ancient capital, the cuisine of Kikunoi expresses the inimitable Kyoto aesthetic through the moods of the four seasons. We treasure each and every opportunity to deliver the unique taste of Kyoto.

Prepared Dishes

Marinated root vegetables

Carrot, burdock root and celery are steeped in an exquisite Japanese-style marinade that preserves their crunchy texture.

* May not be provided depending on store and period of the year.

Bento Boxed Meals / Rice

(By Appointment Only)

It is a six-section box designed for savoring seasonal tastes, as elaborate as in a kaiseki restaurant. Our services are also available for auspicious or memorial events.

(By Appointment Only)

Beautiful Japanese lacquer-style two-tier lunch box filled with over 20 types of relishes. Our services are also available for auspicious or memorial events.


It is a lunch box made of white wood that packs "takikomi-gohan" (rice cooked together with several special ingredients) with "nitakimono" (steamed ingredients) (available only by reservation, depending on the store).


It is a lunchbox that colorfully packs season's ingredients in Shokado's four squares.


It is a lunch packed in a white-wood box designed to allow enjoying Kikunoi's taste in a relaxed manner.


Bo-zushi (literally “stick sushi”) is a style of rolled sushi without an outer seaweed layer. This version features a perfect balance of mackerel and conger eel, both well-seasoned.

Kitsune Chirashi

Pieces of deep-fried tofu are simmered until plump and juicy, chopped and arranged on rice chirashi-zushi style.

Anago Chirashi

Generous portions of slow-cooked conger eel are combined with a range of other ingredients. The flavors of the conger eel are perfectly balanced with the rice.

Bento Deliveries

We can arrange delivery of bento boxed meals to certain areas of Tokyo and Kanagawa. This service is offered at the outlets listed below. For detailed information on delivery areas and other conditions, please refer to the information page for each outlet.

*Including Tax.
* Some dishes may not be available at certain times of the year.
* Our meals are available in a limited number. We apologize in advance for sold out articles.

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We have prepared a range of original gift items proudly endorsed by the Kikunoi restaurants. Enjoy browsing the foodstuffs, tableware, knick-knacks and specialty giftware conveniently available through our online store. There are many great items for both gift-giving and home use.

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  • List of Department Store Sales Outlets
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