Company Name/Kikunoi Co., Ltd.

Founded/ 1912

Incorporate / 1949

Capital / 10 million yen

Representative Director / Yoshihiro Murata
Employees / 200 (including part-time employees)
Business / Management of restaurants, manufacture and sale of prepared dishes and bento boxed meals.
Office Location /
Kikunoi Main Restaurant, Kikunoi Roan, Akasaka Kikunoi
Department Store/ Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tamagawa Takashimaya, Yokohama Takashimaya, Kyoto Takashimaya, Shinjuku Takashimaya
村田 吉弘 / Yoshihiro Murata

Representative Director of Kikunoi Co., Ltd. /
Director of the NPO Japanese Culinary Academy

He was born as the first son of Kikunoi, an old traditional Japanese restaurant in Gion, Kyoto.
While he was enrolled at Ritsumeikan University, he stayed in France to learn the techniques of French cuisine.
After graduation, he worked in Kamome, a Japanese restaurant in Nagoya, to gain experience of Japanese cuisine.
In 1976, he opened Kikunoi Kiyamachi, and in 1993, he was named for a representative director of Kikunoi Co., Ltd.
In 2004, Akasaka Kikunoi was opened under his conduction.

He declares his lifework is to accurately communicate Japanese cuisine to the world and to cook dishes for public benefit.
Also, he proposes an issue that there are “dietary underprivileged people” in society,
attempting to solve it through the planning of in-flight meals in Singapore Airline and
the food education and lectures at medical facilities and schools.

In 2012, “Gendai no Meiko” (the award for contemporary master craftsman) and “Kyoto-fu Sangyo Korosha”
(the award for the people who highly contributed to industry in Kyoto)
In 2013, “Kyoto-fu Bunka Korosho” (the award for people who highly contributed to culture in Kyoto)
In 2014, “Chiiki Bunka Korosha” (the award for people who highly contributed to regional culture)

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