To deliver seasonal flavor to many customers
At the shops in the department stores, ready-made dishes, pickles and gifts are available at the reasonable price.
These shops offer basic Japanese dishes such as unohana and seasonal specialties with fresh ingredients.
Autumn dishes
Shiraae of mushrooms and florist’ daisy Our autumn specialty, mushrooms and florist’ daisy dressed with tofu.
Marinated root vegetable Marinade of carrots, burdocks and celeries with pleasant chewy texture and refined tastes.

Lunch box
Kodaiji A casual lunchbox good to try the taste of Kikunoi.
Yasaka A colorful lunch box colorfully stuffed with seasonal ingredients in the four-square box.
Higashiyama A lunch box with our specialties of stewed foods in a white wooden box.
Sushi of conger eels and mackerel Excellent and well-balanced sushi made with seasoned conger eel and mackerel.

Noodle Our specialty of chewy noodles which can be easily cooked at home with refined soup.
Bottled Various bottled dishes are ready such as side dishes good with rice and sweetened black soybeans.