A basic principle of Japanese traditional restaurants is to serve dishes.
In Kyoto, we visit such restaurant for the first time in a cradle of grandmother’s arms at the occasion of miyamairi,
which is visiting a shrine to pray for health and happiness of one-month old baby.
Subsequently a series of life events are also the opportunities to visit the restaurants,
such as shichi-go-san, coming of age, marriage, celebrations for kanreki and beiju, and memorial services.
These occasions are all our works of restaurants, which keeps us involved in neighboring inhabitants’ life and closely related to them.
When those who are usually working want to enjoy a little luxurious classic cuisine for special occasions,
they visit these traditional restaurants. This is what Kikunoi is.
It is our pleasure that guests visit us to celebrate these special memories and life events.
This is why we put effort into providing the best service to entertain guests with the most excellent ingredients,
the finest cooking techniques and preparation. Our entire staff engages in welcoming guests with all our heart.
The heart of our cuisine is “kirei-sabi.”
In modern words, it means “be beautiful and not be seedy. Be tasteful and powerful, not be fragile.”
Different from the famous “wabi-sabi,” we pursue deliciousness and beauty characterized by liveliness.
We, Kikunoi, are always suggesting new ideas and innovating our services.
Not to repeat the stable traditions but to know what we can and cannot change enables us to create new traditions that can entertain many guests.
Therefore, we are continuously making efforts to please our guest by renovating our cuisine, interior and services.
The principle of our services is “to be elegant and beautiful” and “to be attentive but relaxing.”
In Kikunoi, guests and cuisine play the lead on the stage of interior and garden,
and a hostess and waitresses are supporting roles, whose services are natural and never bothering guests.
Although Japanese traditional restaurants are often thought to be exclusive,
we hope many people feel free to visit us and spend an enjoyable time on special days of celebrations.
Each moment to spend with guests is irreplaceable for us, and therefore, we are sincerely devoting ourselves to services.