Application for reserving
the annex (Salon de Muge)

Upon receiving your reservation request by the present form, we will send you a reservation confirmation e-mail after confirming seat vacancies.
Please accept that we might not be able to suit your request, depending on schedule.

  • This reservation form is only valid for the annex (Salon de Muge).
  • This form cannot be used for reservations of the main restaurant, Akasaka restaurant and kiyamachi restaurant.

With regard to the use of the internet reservation system of Kikunoi the annex ("reservation system" hereinafter), Kikunoi Co., Ltd. ("our company" hereinafter) defines its terms and conditions of use of the reservation system as following:
"Customer" of the present contract means "the person who signed the contract". "Our restaurant" means Kikunoi annex.

The method of use of this contract provides that customers accept the contract explained below and agree with it. Customers must accept changes of our restaurant conditions, which may be changed by our restaurant without prior notice.

1. Reservation policy

  • Your reservation is not completed upon sending this application.
  • We will confirm the request and contact you by e-mail regarding our availability. Please respond to our e-mail in turn.
  • The reservation procedure will be completed as soon as we can confirm your reply.
  • If we do not receive a reply from you within 3 days, the reservation will be canceled.
  • Customers must agree to receive a reply from our restaurant.
  • Customers must agree to our policies concerning the reservation cancellation method.
  • To verify your identity when you come to the restaurant, please give us the reservation ID that we send after finalizing your reservation.
  • If you are unable to identify yourself, we reserve the right to refuse entry.

2. Cancellation policy

  • In case you wish to cancel your reservation, please make cancellations by e-mail at least 3 days prior to the reservation date.
  • In case that you receive no reply from our restaurant within 24 hours, please resend your cancellation e-mail.
  • In accordance to our restaurant cancellation policy, customers must provide the data of a valid credit card to our restaurant.
  • Upon reservation customers must agree to our restaurant cancellation policy.

3. Cancellation fee policy

  • Our restaurant will not collect any cancellation fees from customers who cancelled their reservation at least 3 days prior to the reserved date.
  • Our restaurant will collect 50% of the food charge from customers who cancelled their reservation on the day before the reserved date.
  • Our restaurant will collect 100% of the food charge from customers who cancelled their reservation on the reserved date.

4. Restaurant business hours

  • Please accept that business hours of our restaurant are listed in Japan standard time (JST) and in Greenwich standard time.
  • Customers must contact our restaurant for cancellation during our restaurant business hours.

Please check in the case if you agree to the above.